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Sustainability for all the places between the buildings.
Cost-Effective Stormwater Infrastructure
that meets your permit requirements and makes healthier communities

Green Girl Land Development Solutions LLC is a consulting firm that provides technical assistance and training to jurisdictions and private development teams throughout the west coast and Hawaii. Armed with the latest science and deep experience implementing best management practices, Green Girl LDS creates healthier communities using low impact development to improve water quality from existing, redeveloped, and newly developing sites in towns and cities.

Whether you are building a real world project or want to educate others, Green Girl LDS can help you and your stakeholders.

Reduce up-front and/or long-term costs by creatively drawing on over 200 stormwater best management practices related to site design, energy, demolition, grading and erosion control, utility design, and materials choices.
The Parking Forest BMP at Portland Community College increases urban canopy in an existing parking lot without losing precious parking spaces. Infiltration occurs across a subsurface trench 3 times wider than the 4 feet visible at the surface, making this an effective runoff reduction technique in slow draining clay soils. As the trees grow, interception and evaporation will play an ever-increasing role in runoff reduction.
Reduce up-front and/or long-term costs by creatively drawing on over 200 stormwater best management practices related to site design, energy, demolition, grading and erosion control, utility design, and materials choices.
Smooth the permit process at the site scale (i.e. grading permit, UICs) and jurisdictional scale (i.e. NPDES MS4 permittees, TMDL regulations)
Collaborate across disciplines
Build the technical knowledge and confidence of a variety of stakeholders with enlightening hands-on trainings and outreach materials that demystify low impact development implementation. (Click here to see an example under "Steps to Take" at the OSU Extension Stormwater Solutions website.)
Incorporate the triple bottom line optimizing the benefit to people, planet, and profit

Green Girl LDS is a certified Oregon Women Business Enterprise.

Timely Tidbits: 2014 OAME Entreprenuership Youth Academy

Green Girl Land Development Solutions LLC was priviledged to sponsor the 2014 OAME Entreprenuership Youth Academy that happened on Thu, Aug 7th. 45 students from around the state attended to hear from leaders on in business and government on all aspects of running a business in a hands-on event facilitated by volunteer business owners.

Green Girl Mission Statement
To reduce the impact of land development by assisting teams and communities in the application of sustainable site planning, design, construction, and maintenance principles that results in improved water quality for everyone.

By definition, sustainable principles must consider planet, people, and profit. In support of this mission, Green Girl LDS is dedicated to building community and addressing equity and is a proud member of the Oregon Association for Minority Entrepreneurs (OAME), an all-inclusive non-profit "to promote minority entrepreneurship and economic development in the State of Oregon".

Click on the OAME logo to see the certificate of membership.

Green Girl Core Values

Conventional land design and construction practices typically destroy biodiversity; contaminate the air, water, and land; and increase greenhouse gas emissions directly on-site to impact off-site resources even further.

We cannot go for a few weeks without food, a few days without water, or a few minutes without air - these are the basis of survival and represent basic rights for all. Clean land, water, and air need not be sacrificed for the creation of shelter and convenience.

Green Girl Land Development Solutions LLC provides information for educational and outreach purposes only, to enhance the sustainability of sites. Unless adopted by the appropriate registered professional under contract, information provided is not for construction.
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Updated 17 Oct 2014