Green Girl Land Development Solutions LLC

Cost-Effective Green Infrastructure Collaboration
that meets your permit requirements and makes healthier communities

Thanks for your interest. Green Girl is closed for business. Thanks to all my clients and collaborators who kept me going from June 2008 to Nov 2017!!! I'm delighted with the change we were able to bring about, especially in Oregon, around the wider adoption of low impact development.

I'm also delighted to move on to be Program Manager at Recode, where I will be working to ease permitting pathways for rainwater harvesting, and graywater and blackwater reuse in WA, OR, and CA. Connect with me there or on LinkedIn. Thanks!

Choose Your Own Stormwater Adventure! You should check out the pinnacle of my career with Green Girl, the LID Guidance Template for Western Oregon available for free download on the Oregon DEQ website. Created in collaboration with a 14-member interdisciplinary technical advisory team and numerous reviewers, it incorporates my 20-years of experience implementing LID in handy, adaptable formats that you can use to make your own post-construction stormwater manual or just learn more about LID implementation in every development phase.

Green Girl Land Development Solutions LLC provided information for educational and outreach purposes only, to enhance the sustainability of sites. Unless adopted by the appropriate registered professional under contract, information provided was not for construction.
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