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Sustainability for all the places between the buildings.

Creative, Cost-Effective Solutions for
Sustainable Sites That Meet Your Permit Requirements

Green Girl Land Development Solutions LLC is a sustainability consulting firm dedicated to providing technical assistance, project-based collaboration, and training to anyone interested in capitalizing on sustainable site approaches. Armed with the latest science and thinking about best management practices, Green Girl LDS uses a two-pronged approach to improve the livability of our communities.

Project-based Assistance Services & Benefits:

  • Reduce costs up-front and/or in the long-term by creatively drawing on over 200 best management practices all related to water quality with oportunities in the realms of site design, energy, demolition, grading and erosion control, utility design, and materials choices for both private and public development in all the places between the buildings.
  • Facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration through the planning, design, construction and maintenance phases to find creative solutions that meet your needs.
  • Incorporate the triple bottom line optimizing the benefit to people, planet, and profit.
  • Smooth the permitting process through by developing work products (narratives, AutoCAD details and plans) or feedback (document and plans review) for your land development projects.

Education & Outreach Services & Benefits:

Green Girl LDS is a certified Oregon Women Business Enterprise.

This is the community building of the Oleson Woods Apartments, an affordable housing project chock full of sustainable practices! (Click here for a 2013 EPA report on the costs savings of low impact over conventional developments!)

Timely Tidbits:
Green Girl is a Benefit Company!

Green Girl Land Development Solutions is now an official Oregon Benefit Company called Green Girl Land Development Solutions LLC!

Benefit companies have a legal structure that allows for-profit businesses to act on behalf of the public good on social and environmental issues. This structure became effective Jan 2, 2014 and the exciting new legislation was celebrated by the 29 inaugural businesses in a signing ceremony with Kate Brown, our Secretary of State and a number of other key legislators and others who worked to make this legislation possible. Click here for the press release to see who else became one of the first 29 businesses in Oregon to declare this status, which is a record number of businesses registering on the first day in any of the states so far that have this legislation!.


Maria Cahill gratefully accepting her Benefit Company certificate from Oregon Secretary of State, Kate Brown
Green Girl Mission Statement
To reduce the impact of land development by assisting teams and communities in the application of sustainable site planning, design, construction, and maintenance principles.

By definition, sustainable principles must consider planet, people, and profit. In support of this mission, Green Girl is dedicated to building community and addressing equity and is a proud member of the Oregon Association for Minority Entrepreneurs (OAME), an all-inclusive non-profit "to promote minority entrepreneurship and economic development in the State of Oregon".

Click on the OAME logo to see our certificate of membership.

Green Girl Core Values

Land development and its associated buildings have a tremendous impact on natural resources, both on- and off-site. Seventy-one percent of our energy and 12% of our water on average is used to construct, operate, and maintain American buildings annually. These processes comprise 39% of our CO2 emissions and 65% of our waste stream. In addition, conventional land design and construction practices typically destroy biodiversity; contaminate the air, water, and land; and increase greenhouse gas emissions directly on-site to impact off-site resources even further.

We cannot go for a few weeks without food, a few days without water, or a few minutes without air - these are the basis of survival and represent basic rights for all. Clean land, water, and air need not be sacrificed for the creation of shelter and convenience.

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Updated 23 Jun 2014