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SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS OPERATIONS while implementing Cost-Effective Green Infrastructure

"Maria is an exceptionally knowledgeable, talented, and inspiring proponent of best practices in building construction, site management, and stormwater management strategies. When Maria has hosted site visits for my students to local building examples, or been guest speaker in my classroom, the followup feedback from students demonstrates consistently high interest, engagement, and value from her presence.”
Paul Sammons, Portland Community College Instructor
Benefit Company  
Benefit companies have a legal structure that allows for-profit businesses to act on behalf of the public good on social and environmental issues. This structure became effective Jan 2, 2014 and the exciting new legislation was celebrated by the 29 inaugural businesses in a signing ceremony with Kate Brown, our Secretary of State and a number of other key legislators and others who worked to make this legislation possible. See the press release to see who else became one of the first 29 businesses in Oregon to declare this status, which is a record number of businesses registering on the first day in any of the states so far that have this legislation!

Check out all the specific environmental and social benefits delivered through our business operations or read below for general information.

2015 Benefit Company Report

2014 Benefit Company Report

Maria Cahill gratefully accepting her Benefit Company certificate from then Oregon Secretary of State, Kate Brown. (She's our governer now!)
Mission & Core Values Back to the top
Mission Statement: Green Girl LDS reduces the impact of the built environment by assisting teams and communities in the application of sustainable site planning, design, construction, and maintenance principles. GGLDS applies sustainability principles to reduce impact to planet and promote equity for people, while generating a financial profit.
Core Values: Conventional land development and management practices typically destroy biodiversity; contaminate the air, water, and land; and increase greenhouse gas emissions directly on-site and impact off-site resources.

We cannot go for a few weeks without food, a few days without water, or a few minutes without air - these are the basis of survival and represent basic rights for all. Clean land, water, and air need not be sacrificed for the creation of necessary infrastructure or convenience.

Community Involvement Back to the top
Each year, Green Girl LDS LLC donates many hours or monetary donations or both to a variety of environmental and social causes. If your good cause is interested in collaborating with Green Girl, please contact Maria Cahill. Anti-racism and equity efforts are given the highest priority. If you need more than a few hours of service, please contact Maria for a discount if your community has been historically disadvantaged.
Green Girl Land Development Solutions LLC provides information for educational and outreach purposes only, to enhance the sustainability of sites. Unless adopted by the appropriate registered professional under contract, information provided is not for construction.
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