West Hills Innovative Stormwater Demonstration
Final Report, Chapter 5: Implementing Recommended Projects

Practice descriptions were provided in Chapter 3. Individual recommended projects can be found in Chapter 4 Recommended Projects where users can also access videos and schematic renderings with information on implementation considerations. This chapter provides implementation guidelines such as specifications, schematic designs, etc for each practice.

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT FINAL DESIGN: While these projects are unlikely to exacerbate existing landslide issues, if the FHHOA has any concern whatsoever, engage a geotechnical engineer to provide feedback on practices. As a result of stakeholder concern about rainfall practices, engineering costs have been incorporated into unit costs.

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT LAWNS: As a result of the high sediment export of lawn, the only time lawn should be a future condition is when it is already lawn. In other words, where there are gateways, where lawn is probably preferred, I’ve recommended lawn to put back after soil restoration. Replacing any other land use cover, such as low traffic road and converting it to lawn is likely to increase sediment export to Mill Pond. Even in cases where lawn is desired (ex: Facility 35 and 36 at the intersection of Bartholomew & Miller Roads), areas should be reduced by expanding shrub gardens and minimizing lawn in the final design.

Each practice has it's own page with implementation guidance for that particular practice. This implementation guidance and relevant fact sheets should be shared with contractors placing bids for the HOA:
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