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FACILITATION & ECOCHARETTES for Cost-Effective Green Infrastructure

"On multiple projects, Maria has done an excellent job assisting our clients in evaluating the pros and cons of many different types of green construction techniques, including rainwater harvesting, permeable concrete and asphalt pavement, water quality and detention facilities, eco-roofs, and infiltration facilities, to name a few.

Maria also has the technical background and experience to provide answers to complex questions regarding installation and long term maintenance costs for the various types of "green" facilities."

— Jay Harris, Harris McMonagle Associates



A low impact development guidance template that jurisdictions throughout Western Oregon can adapt to their own natural and stakeholder conditions to reduce water quality impacts from development.


Tigard OR
The developer held a 30-person ecocharette consisting of diverse stakeholders from Tigard and the Portland Metropolitan Region, including jurisdictional staff and a development activist.


An effort to answer hard questions about the use of structural tree soil to provide adequate soil volume for a healthy, low maintenance urban forest in Gresham.
The West Hills Innovative Stormwater Demonstration is a strategy to reduce runoff and erosion on challenging sites in the developed uplands of the 600-acre Forest Heights Homeowners Association (FHHOA) on privately, commonly, and publicly owned property.

Green Girl LDS facilitates decisions to optimize solutions for multiple stakeholders so you can:



Green Girl Land Development Solutions LLC provides information for educational and outreach purposes only, to enhance the sustainability of sites. Unless adopted by the appropriate registered professional under contract, information provided is not for construction.
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