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"The workshop was a great experience, and it meant a lot to have so many people come help make our yard better. As it continued to rain heavily over the next few days, we saw right away the difference the project had made. Our pathway was easy to walk on as it no longer gets muddy. There was far less water running off of our yard as opposed to our uphill neighbor. It feels good to know that we are reducing our impact, and it looks great too! Several neighbors have talked with us about what we did and why, and have thanked us for the inspiration. We love our yard!”
— Koree and Marc Leisenring, Landowners and participants in the Stormwater Challenge Program


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An outreach program that empowers a cohort to implement best management practices that reduce runoff even in areas with high groundwater tables, steep slopes, and other barriers to infiltration. This program involves one planning and design workshop and two "build" workshops where best practices are physically installed by volunteers.

BMPs for

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A request by the client, this class was tailored to provide technical siting, design, construction, and maintenance on stormwater management practices for sites with low infiltration rates and other challenges.

LID Academy

Staff from
Small Cities
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Valley, OR
A combination of outreach and technical assistance aimed at jurisdictional staff from small cities. Over two years, we developed 5-hour technical trainings and provided input on real world projects.

Vegetated Stormwater Facilities Technical Field Class

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This is a general title for numerous technical field trainings held in a variety of places in Oregon and Washington. Professionals, contractors, and others interested in learning to perform a functional analysis of stormwater facilities.

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Green Girl Land Development Solutions LLC provides information for educational and outreach purposes only, to enhance the sustainability of sites. Unless adopted by the appropriate registered professional under contract, information provided is not for construction.
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