About Us - Community Involvement & Volunteering
Sustainability for all the places between the buildings.
Current Volunteering

Board Member, Oregon Community Trees
This is a non-profit organization dedicated to "promote healthy urban and community forests". This all volunteer board has an all day meeting quarterly. Duties include blogging, promoting the organization, working on the website, and of course, attending meetings.

DEQ Advisory Committee, NPDES MS4 Phase II General Permit
The Oregon DEQ is considering issuing a General Permit that would cover all Phase II communities in Oregon, instead of asking each jurisdiction to submit a very detailed permit every five years. I serve on this committee, which is on hold for now, but is expected to start up again sometime in 2015.

Sustainable Resources for Design & Deliverables
This is a project that I'm volunteering for that I happen to also be spearheading. This tool will step land development designers through the process of incorporating sustainable principles into their designs and deliverables. Take a look at the prototype that I created for one best management practice "Save a Tree".

Volunteers for SOLV plant trees for riparian restoration at Trillium Creek in SW Portland. OK, this wasn't a very rainy day...


SOLV, Stream Team Captain for Team Up for Watershed Health
My husband and I received training as Stream Team Captains to direct volunteers to plant trees in sensitive riparian areas to restore watershed health. On rainy Saturday mornings in the winter, I can often be heard yelling, lovingly, of course, "Dig, you scurvy dogs! Dig!" I've probably overseen the planting of over 1000 native shrubs and trees.

Past Volunteering

Board Member, Secretary, Multnomah Neighborhood Association
This board meets once a month on the 2nd Tuesday of every month to help "Multnomah neighborhood residents in their efforts to participate in neighborhood related government processes, maintain quality of life, assure public safety and prevent crime." As the secretary, I took notes.

Oregon Building Congress
I serve as an eMentor for the students of the ACE Academy (Architecture, Construction & Engineering) so, they email questions, which I answer.

I also ran a workshop for students attending the Clackams County Community College who are building a "green" community garden under one of OBC's summer programs. I gave an overview of sustainability, we learned about soils and did an infiltration test, we learned about vegetation, stormwater, land use changes, and how these all intersect to either damage or support the health of our ecosystem.

Columbia Land Trust
I served on the Lands Committee from Sep 2004-Mar 2008 meeting about once a month, to bring an engineering perspective to the process of recommending lands for purchase to the board of directors.

Other smaller stuff
Clackamas Community Land Trust: facilitating eco-charrette for an affordable housing project.
OSU online stormwater modeling tool for small coastal communities: providing feedback on the stormwater model
Earth Advantage: providing feedback on small Commercial green building certification standards.
Salmon Safe: provided feedback on new residential certification standards .

Metro Regional Language Bank
This has been an ongoing set of meetings with members of Nature in Neighborhoods, regional agencies folks, and stakeholders from non-governmental organizations to create standardized language and definitions when educating homeowners regionally.

Ecobiz LID Regional Maintenance Working Group
I volunteered with Nature in Neighborhoods and Oregon State University Extension to write portions of a maintenance manual for vegetated stormwater facilities applicable to the state. Click here to download the field guide.

Capitol Hill Elementary School Stormwater Retrofit Project
I assisted in a stakeholder process to treat the school’s 4 acres of impervious area in a way that will least impact the community use of this rare flat, paved site in the Southwest Hills of Portland; guided process, ran eco-charettes, gathered comments at community events, maintained web site, and created a progress report that has helped to garner substantial financial and design support of the BES’ Watershed Division. Over the course of two different efforts, the school has removed about 10,000 sf of asphalt and replaced it with play equipment, trees, and a story circle.

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Updated 9 Jan 2015