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Presenting to developers, agency staff, designers, and the general public at the Oregon Environmental Council's Stormwater Solutions event in Grants Pass, OR. 2009.

Who should attend: anyone interested or engaged in implementing sustainable stormwater practices including commercial and residential contractors; public works staff; landscape architects, designers, and contractors; planners; architects; engineers; natural resource managers; builders; developers, homeowners.

Continuing Education Credits: These classes are likely to meet the continuing education credit requirements for engineers, archtitects, designers, contractors, and others.

Want these classes in your community? I am often willing to travel to some far-flung places in Oregon, Washington, and California to teach these classes to your audience. Contact me to discuss! (Prices vary depending on the overhead of the organization/institution offering the courses with me, but are pretty painless!)

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Oct 4th, 9am-3pm

Oct 1st & 15th, 9am-1pm

Portland, OR FREE Stormwater Challenge Series in Portland, OR: reducing runoff from challenging sites

Let's reduce runoff and prevent landslides in the Portland Southwest Hills, together. [class flyer]

There's a big difference between infiltrating concentrated volumes of runoff (i.e. downspout disconnection, rain gardens) and infiltrating rainfall. We can properly implement a variety of best management practices (BMPs) that reduce runoff through interception, evaporation, and infiltration of rainfall at sites where you "can't infiltrate" because of steep slopes, high groundwater tables, clay soils, or all three! We'll cover siting, design, construction, maintenance, and cost and work with homeowners to actually build carefully selected and cost-effective BMPs at real sites in Southwest Portland. [Detailed info on challenging site practices]

You'll also learn a variety of other fascinating tidbits. For instance, did you know that the average lawn exports more than two times the total suspended solids of a highway! Compost amended soils is one practice we can use to reduce runoff from lawns by 50% annually and to keep a lot more sediment on our site.

This Sun, Oct 4, 9am - 3pm: Plan & Design Best Practices for Challenging Sites
Learn about the practices, visit two project sites and evaluate them for suitability, and redesign the sites in small group breakout groups, working with the homeowners at your table. This class can provide licensed landscape contractors in Oregon with 6 continuing education hours through the Oregon Landscape Contractors Board.

Sun, Nov 1 and Nov 15, 9am - 1pm: Build the Best Practices
We'll meet at our homeowners' sites and actually build a handful of practices that were located and designed in the Oct 4th class.

Register online with Southwest Neighborhoods Inc:

This class is provided through a partnership between West Multnomah Soil & Water Conservation District, Southwest Watershed Resource Center, Green Girl Land Development Solutions LLC, Stamberger Outreach and Consulting, and Independence Gardens.

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Event Date
Topic or class
Vegetated Stormwater Facilities Technical Field Class, Coos Bay, OR
Maintaining Green Streest & Rain Gardens
Crash Course in LID
Landscapes that Lower Your Energy Bill, Lake Oswego, OR
Infiltration Rain Gardens, Clatskanie, OR
Infiltration Rain Gardens, George Fox University, Newberg, OR
Rain Gardens for Homeowners, Lincoln City, OR
Rain Gardens for Professionals, Vancouver, WA
Rain Gardens for Homeowners, Florence, OR
Sustainable Site Planning for Residential Contractors (presented through MHCC)
Rain Gardens 201 Technical Field Class
Sustainble Principles for Land Development
Sustainability Tour for Bend Sustainable Building Advisor Program
Beaverton Pervious Concrete Tour
2009-11-18 LID from Start to Finish: Master planning a site considering the design, construction, and post-construction phases
Rogue Community College: Sustainability Construction Career Pathyway Workshop (Sustainable Principles for Land Development for Educators)
PCC: Summer Sustainability Institute (Sustainable Principles for Land Development for Educators)
Sprout Soak It Up: Raingardens Class
Willamette University: Economics of Sustainability
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