Fee Structure
Sustainability for all the places between the buildings.

I have no minimum fee. I charge in 15 minute increments. And, I don't charge for travel time if I can bike or take public transportation (where I can sit without paying attention to the road and work). If I must drive, I will charge half my fee for travel.

Because "deep green" design takes a more holistic approach than "light green" design, it takes me more time to coordinate with other design team members, understand the larger context, and in general a little more time to be creative. To inspire you to take a little extra time to do the right thing, I have two fees. I reserve the right to figure out which category your project belongs in.

Light Green Projects: $110/hour

Light green projects are projects that are incorporating sustainability because they have to. For instance, if you need help designing a swale or planter on a commercial project in the City of Portland where the owner is required to manage stormwater with LID anyway, then it's a "light green" project. A LEED project would also be considered light green.

Deep Green Projects/Agencies/Outreach: $90/hour
A deep green project will exceed minimum standards to aggressively manage stormwater in such a way that the post-developed site acts in a similar manner as the pre-developed site. A deep green project might be going for Living Building Challenge or Salmon Safe certification. A deep green project might plant an all native landscape or be a voluntary retrofit project. (The reason I consider agencies that seek my services to be deep green is because creating green planning and development standards gets at the very heart of making the leaps and bounds we need as a community.)
Let's Collaborate! Calling Card
This is a way to pre-pay for my time when you just have a quick question or need a little bit of work done. More info here.
Business Model
If I'm going to give my clients the kind of attention and creative thinking they deserve, there has to be something left of me at the end of the week. My experience is that I don't have that capacity when I work more than 40 hours a week. In an effort to explore the "Slow City" way of life, my business model is to work 40 hours/week wth a portion of that time regularly given up to volunteer or expand my knowledge base. This isn't about "lazy", it's about quality for you, my client!
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Updated 29 June 2010