Project Summaries
Sustainability for all the places between the buildings.
Construction Projects

5000 Acres Initiative
Beaverton & Portland, OR

A DEQ 319 water quality grant was awarded to Tualatin Riverkeepers to maximize canopy cover in existing parking lots without losing parking spaces. Using structural soil, a 12’ wide continuous trench supports tree health & vehicular loads.

  • Coordinate teams to implement demonstration sites at Tualatin Hills Parks & Recreation District's Sunset Swim Center (Beaverton/Clean Water Services jurisdiction) and PCC Sylvania (Portland jurisdiction)
  • Assist with engineering design & modeling to obtain permits (retrofit in Portland & redevelopment in Beaverton)
  • Create Operations & Maintenance Manual
  • Collaborate with PCC staff and provide trainings on stormwater, urban canopy, and structural soil

Multnomah Antiques
Portland, OR

A commercial redevelopment of a constrained urban site. Includes a rain garden, vegetated wall, depaving, & native plants, overland conveyance, & soil restoration.

  • Engineering design
  • Provided information and helped team implement best practices for soil restoration, erosion control, & habitat.
  • Landscape design review
  • Developed Maintenance Manual for site
Bend Stormwater Demonstrations
Bend, OR

Working as a subcontractor to HWA, engineering consultant to the City of Bend Transportation Department. Project uses infiltration rain gardens and planters to solve flooding at a downtown site and to meet new stormwater management standards for planned sidewalks under a Safe Routes to School grant at a more suburban site.

  • Design review and technical assistance
  • Develop maintenance & monitoring plam
  • Provide quality assurance

St. Andrews Lutheran Church
Beaverton/Washington County, OR

A faith community that expanded their building and reconfirgured parking to meet current development standards. Project includes rain gardens & native buffer restoration.

  • Design review and technical assistance by providing design modifications to engineering grading & details
  • Construction meeting with contractors to help them meet post-construction functional goals for rain gardens
Coos Watershed Association
Coos Bay, OR

A 5-acre green field where the new Food Bank, Head Start, and Child & Family Resource Center buildings will be built. Site amenities designed around existing sensitive wetlands include parking, sidewalks, community garden, playground, and gathering spaces.

  • Assembled an LID Technical Assistance team through an OR DEQ 319 grant to assist Oregon Coast Community Action
  • Reviewed master plan
  • Reviewed engineering and landscape design and provided designs, details and specifications for porous pavement, rain gardens, soil protection and restoration, and erosion prevention and sediment control.

Trillium Hill
Tigard, OR

Featured Project: Click here for a cut sheet

A proposed aging-in-place conservation development on 3.2 acres to include saved trees, universal streets, rainwater harvesting, vegetated basins, a public access path through the site, and many non-structural practices.
  • Design review and technical assistance to the developer and design team of the master plan and design documents
  • Developed and facilitated eco-charrette workshop
  • Ongoing: Provide narratives, details, and decision making guidance on most appropriate best management practices
Redding School for the Arts
Redmond, CA

Featured Project: Click here for a cut sheet

A charter school on 20 acres with rainwater harvesting, native landscapes, teaching and gathering spaces, and a woonerf drop-off area to slow traffic and increase safety. Subconsultant to Shapiro-Didway Landscape Architecture.
  • Design review and technical assistance
  • Attended brainstorming meeting to calm traffic at drop-off
  • Performed literature review and generated decision-making report comparing water quality of different facilities
  • designed and modeled the water quality facilities and trouble shoot construction issues
  • Assisted with LEED documentation on stormwater

BLM's Marmot Dam Visitor Amenities
near Marmot, OR

Featured Project: Click here for a cut sheet

A Bureau of Land Management redevelopment of the removed dam to provide visitor amenities.
  • Worked collaboratively on a grading approach to limit disturbance
  • Cut and fill calculations
Buchanan-Cellers Grain Building
5th & Lafayette, McMinnville, OR

A proposed grain storage building on an infill site that incorporate vegetated swales and an infiltration basin, overland flow, good materials choices, native plants, and artwork.
  • Comprehensive design review and met with client to discuss (i.e. no report generated).
  • Designed a grading and stormwater plan
Granary District Properties
8th & Lafayette Mixed Use, McMinnville, OR
A mixed-use redevelopment that saves trees, limits disturbance, and accommodates stormwater management in vegetated basins.
  • Redesigned master plan of site to save money and increase sustainability
  • Coordinated with the City of McMinnville to establish design standards and performed infiltration testing
  • Provided an informal set of plans to communicate ideas to the design team as well as specifications, details, and additional non-spatical sustainable approaches to be considered.
Liftparts of Oregon
Portland, OR
A manufacturing company looking for ways to bring their underground injection control (UIC) stormwater system into compliance with new regulations. Consultant to WaterTech.
  • Design review and technical assistance
Yoga Calm
Portland, OR
A redevelopment to add a home office building on a site constrained by steep slopes and a high water table.
  • Performed a feasibility site visit to recommend reasonable stormwater strategies
Outreach & Education
Five Counties Salmonid Conservation Program
Northern CA

Outreach effort to Mendocino, Humboldt, Trinity, Siskyou, and Del Norte county residents and small developers to reduce water consumption and manage stormwater.

  • Developed a body of interconnected fact sheets: Minimize Impervious Areas, Disconnect Impervious Areas, Restore Disturbed Soil, Build a Rain Garden, Build a Rain Barrel, Harvest Rainwater in a Cistern, Test Your Soil, Siting Bioretention for Infiltration, Find Native Plants in Your County, Amend Soils for Bioretention, Convey Water in Swales
Earth Advantage Commercial Building Program
Portland, OR
A green building certification program for small commercial buildings
  • Review, comment, and provide resources
Oregon State University Extension's
Tree Protection on Construction and Development Sites

Salem, OR

A statewide field book created to educate contractors about the importance of trees and strategies for saving them
  • Review, comment, and provide resources
Spiro Landscapes Sustainability Framework
Portland, OR
A landscape design and maintenance framework for evaluating and improving the sustainability of existing residential and campus properties
  • Review, comment, provide resources and discuss in detail with client
Oregon State University Extension SWAMP
Salem, OR
Stormwater Assessment and Management decision-support Process is a tool to help municipalities with rapidly urbanizing coastal communities in Oregon adopt low impact development strategies
  • Review, re-write and write from scratch fact sheets
  • Provide and develop additional resources such as specifications and AutoCAD details

Oregon Environmental Council's Stormwater Solutions
Portland, OR

An outreach program for municipalities, developers, engineers, landscape architects and others interested in learning about low impact development stormwater management approaches
  • Review, comment, and provide resources for LID overview brochure
Workshop Development & Public Speaking
Oregon Environmental Council's Stormwater Solutions
Eugene & Grants Pass, OR
An outreach program for municipalities, developers, engineers, landscape architects and others interested in learning about low impact development stormwater management approaches
  • Sustainable Principles for Land Development: Presented an overview on sustainable principles for land development and a number of low-cost best management practices
Oregon Environmental Council's Stormwater Solutions LID from Start to Finish
Eugene, OR
An all-day workshop on LID from the early planning phases through design, construction, and operations and maintenance. Learning objectives include holistic thinking and big picture ideas for approaching site development.
  • Developed workshop and facilitated
Portland Community College's Summer Sustainability Institute
Portland, OR
A class geared to train educators about sustainbility
  • Developed a talk with a focus on developing curriculum around sustainable land development principles and practices
Tours & Field Classes

American Society of Civil Engineers
Portland, OR

Developed a tour of green infrastructure in Portland for the EWRI Congress 2014 - Portland, Oregon "Water Without Borders"
University of Oregon
Eugene, OR
A 400/500 level class on the technical aspects of landscape design for stormwater and habitat and soil restoration
  • Developed a talk and tour in Portland with the class' focus in mind
Central Oregon Community College
Bend, OR
A green building class for professionals
  • Developed a talk and tour in Portland with the class' focus in mind
Rain Gardens 201 Technical Field Class
Portland, OR
A class I created to fill in the gaps of other classes being taught regionally on Rain gardens and other. vegetated stormwater facilities
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